Chapter 05


Ma was mad about Dad buying me a pony. Pau Pau banged bowls and shouted. I shouted back, then felt bad for being rude. That night I had a horrible dream about birds pecking money to bits.

It's time to tell you about my sad sad family. Some things anyway.

TwinkleToes ch05 color v04 Please try not to laugh at me ...

I was born with six toes on my right foot. When I was a baby Ma, Dad and Pau Pau lived happily together in Mui Wo. But I needed operations to help my foot grow and Pau Pau wouldn't let me have them. They'd hurt me too much, she said. Dad got more and more angry with her. Then one night, Ma and Pau Pau smuggled me to Tin Shui Wai. Since then, I can only see Dad at weekends.

Sure enough, without the operations, I couldn't walk well. People pointed and laughed. I wasn't allowed to attend normal school because of the stairs. Dad cried. Then Pau Pau relented and I started having operations.

All I remember about being a little kid is pain, pain, pain. At the moment, my leg is in heavy white plaster. My skin is sooo itchy! But if this operation has worked, I may be able to start normal school after Chinese New Year. Can I come to yours? Ha ha!

I've telephoned Dad every night to ask about Sukee. She has made friends with BC now. Ronny has planted her some carrots. Dad has bought me a saddle.

This weekend Dad says we can ride up Tiger Hill to watch pink dolphins playing in the sea.

I just can't wait to see Sukee again! The first thing I'll do is kiss her muzzle. Then I'll brush her tail and polish her hooves.




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