Be Careful what you Wish for

The moon fairies rocketed Moony to the moon. A shower of moon dust streamed behind their magical chariot.

Shooting stars. Sonic comets. Sparkling galaxies.

chapter 11 v01Flapping and clapping their butterfly wings, the fairies called out the names of constellations:

"White tiger..."

"Red bird ..."

"Black tortoise ..."

"Blue dragon."

"Are you sure Chang'e wants me?" said Moony, still amazed that he'd been chosen.

"Of course. She's a goddess and you're a Traditional. We won't make the same mistake twice."

The fairies giggled.

And at first, everything seemed such fun.

But when the tip of fair weather dragon's tail disappeared behind earth into blackness, Moony felt a chill. The earth had shrunk to a ball now and the vast white land ahead made him feel empty inside.

Be careful what you wish for, he remembered Pecan Pie saying.

Then Moony's double duck egg heart felt cold, and his head began to ache from a strange loud humming all around.

"It's the sound of people's wishes," explained a fairy.

The chariot landed in a puff of moon dust flour and a storm of what-seemed-like Shanghai Pinks rained on Moony. They were cold, hard, but white.

Had he been brought to a giant winter wonderland?

In the distance, the icy turrets of a palace loomed tall. Chang'e's palace. A fork of her lightning could strike him dead.

"I don't like it here," Moony said.

The fairies looked confused. "Wasn't this your dearest wish?"

Moony frowned.

To see the moon? Yes. But to land on it? No!

To be chosen? Yes, once.

But not now. Not after I heard about Chang'e's stormy temper.

"Please take me back to earth." he said.

"Too late," cried the moon fairies, and Moony felt himself whooshed upwards in a mass of feathery wings.

"Where are we going?" he cried.



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