The clock struck midnight. Mid-autumn Festival day. Why hadn't the moon fairies come yet?

A group of Shanghai Pinks appeared from a hole in the skirting board and slyly slid back up to their shelf.

mc-chapter-08Scrabble, scratch, scrabble, scratch. From the same hole came a twitchy nose and whiskers. A rat ran straight for Moony.

"Help!" Moony cried, as the rat dived on top of him, snapping its razor sharp teeth.

They fell off the shelf together.

"Ha ha!!" laughed the Shanghai Pinks.

Red Bean dive-bombed, knocking the rat flat.

"Get back inside the tin!" Pecan Pie shouted.

Miraculously, Moony and Red Bean managed to. But other rats surrounded Suzhou Ham and Nutty. "Bags I the meaty one," one said.

Suzhou Ham tipped and rolled, but the rat caught up easily. Its sharp teeth bit into him, chunk by chunk.

Another rat gripped Nutty in his paws.

Moony and Red Bean watched from the safety of the tin, horrified.

Suzhou Ham's insides hung like the stringy thing at the back of human's throats.

Nutty's filling - peanuts, almonds and walnuts, pumpkin and sesame seeds -rained off the shelf. "It doesn't hurt," he said.

Scr ...ape. The tin shot across the tiles when a rat lunged at it.

Footsteps. Approaching fast.

Chan Tai's round face appeared. "Cook Chan, come here!"

Cook Chan peered into the tin. He turned it over, pulled at a long mole hair on his chin.

Chan Tai kicked some round black things on the floor.

Rat droppings. Ugh!

She walked away and returned with a large black bin bag and her old rattan brush.

Swish, SWISH! Moony was flying through the air, towards blackness.

The bin bag. He'd been swept inside the bin bag. With Red Bean and some very squashed Shanghai Pinks who'd got caught up in the brawl.



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