Moony and the Traditionals were stuck inside a dark, stuffy tin far away from the beautiful moon and hidden from the moon fairies. What could we worse?

"Being without friends," Red Bean decided.

mc-chapter-06But Moony couldn't stand the bickering anymore, and the muffled voices of the chattering Pinks on the upper shelf were driving him crusty.

"I never believed that fairy nonsense anyway," said Suzhou Ham.

Moony wriggled unhappily in the crinkly curved casing.

To pass the time, Nutty told jokes:

When is the moon not hungry?
When it's full.

"Ha ha, that's funny," said Red Bean.

Suzhou Ham groaned.

"He's only trying to cheer us up," said Moony. "Next one, Nutty."

Nutty cleared his throat.

Did you hear about Chang'e's party on the moon?

Her mooncake was delicious but there was no atmosphere.

"I bet that mooncake was a Shanghai Pink," said Red Bean. "They're all so pretty. Maybe pink is the new lucky red."

"Oh do shut up," said Suzhou Ham.

"He's not feeling nuts about being shut up with you either," said Nutty.

"The sooner we all get eaten up, the better," muttered Suzhou Ham.

"Let me out of here," cried Moony, suddenly afraid. With all his strength, he jumped, hitting the tin lid.

The lid inched up.

Moony's double duck egg heart skipped a beat.

He jumped again, this time landing just outside his space. Tipping and rolling towards the tin wall, he leaned hard against it.

The tin moved, very slightly.

"Copy me," he cried.

Red Bean and Nutty jumped too, then tipped and rolled towards Moony, with meaty Suzhou Ham not far behind.

"One-two-THREE!" they shouted as the tin swayed back and forth, each time tipping some more.

Could the mooncakes jiggle it so as to tip it right off the shelf?



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