I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me

The clock struck midnight. There was a flapping of moths round a bare light bulb and a scuffling behind concrete walls.

Chan Tai was arranging a new batch of Shanghai Pinks. The moment she turned off the lights and headed to bed, the traditional mooncakes came alive.

chapter 03 v02"Follow me!" Maybe Moony would be able to see the moon after all. He tipped on his side and rolled towards a hatch in the wall. It led to the back counter and top display shelf of the bakery.

Nutty and Red Bean spun speedily behind him.

"Wait for me!" puffed heavy Suzhou Ham, stuffed to bursting with salted meat.

"Ssshh!" said the Shanghai Pinks from their wonderland. "You're disturbing our beauty sleep."

Ignoring them, Moony gazed up into the dark night.

Tall buildings - so many of them! - piled on top of one another like layered sponge cakes.

They crowded above him, making him feel small and unimportant.

No round and shiny orb. But a thick layer of cloud that lay across the sky like a dirty old kitchen towel. Moony's double duck egg heart hung heavy.

"The moon has run out of shine," said Nutty.

"And I bet that smog won't clear up in time for the festival," said Suzhou Ham gloomily.

"Oh, I think it may," said Red Bean excitedly.

Moony followed his friend's gaze. High above, a huge creature ducked and dived between the high-rise. With a flick of its tail and a flap of its red wings, it blew the smog away.

"The fair weather dragon!" whooped Pecan Pie.

As the sky cleared, Moony saw bright, light twinkling things. Stars.

And then, the moon. The glorious moon. Rounder and shinier than any Traditional. Cooler and brighter than any Shanghai Pink.

Moony's big heart glowed with pride.



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