Chapter 4

Jasmine’s history project was progressing well. She’d gathered information and images from the internet and typed up notes from each trip. But would Teacher Tam’s magic stretch as far as the western tip of Lantau Island? Because the next ancient relic was Fan Lau Fort.

HKHG 004 finalGramps was snoozing in his armchair holding a photo of Nai Nai. Jasmine shook him awake and after a bowl of fish ball noodles, they travelled to Central.

Mr Crew Man laughed. All his teeth were made of gold. ‘Fan Lau? No problem,’ he

Rush, suck, slobbery lick: Jasmine and Gramps were standing in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hills. Remains of the fort rose from the ground like the foundations of a new tower block. Jasmine imagined the time when the fort was completely hidden by thick undergrowth, when it had fallen into disuse because the pirates had been defeated. An adventurer had studied an ancient Qing dynasty book to calculate where the fort must be. He’d hired a sampan and sailed here, hacked through the trees to unearth it.

‘What else do you know about it?’ asked Gramps.

‘It’s 46 metres by 21,’ Jasmine said, reading from her app recording the fort’s history. ‘First built in 1729. Thirty soldiers lived here to fight the pirates. They fired from eight cannons. Look, here’s one of them. Boom!’ Jasmine did a star jump.

‘And what’s that?’ said Gramps, walking over to a plaque. At its base was an ancient brick with an envelope tucked underneath it. It was the next clue. Jasmine ran over.

A famous pirate’s cave. ‘That must be Cheung Po Tsai’s cave, on Cheung Chau Island. So easy!’ she cried, crumpling the envelope.

‘Don’t forget to make a note of the next letter,’ said Gramps.

It was the letter P.



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