"I'm sorry. I couldn't wait," wailed Stolly. He'd jumped onto an air-con shelf a floor below. His little tail wagged like a dog's.

"Don't move," mewed Runty.

catsoup ch06 v01Oo-er! Stolly looked down and his tummy ached.

Runty jumped down to join him. There wasn't much room for the two of them. And the drop gaped like a shark's mouth.

"You idiocat. You could have lost a life," mewed Runty.

"I have to see Mama again," said Stolly.

Three nights had passed and Mama Mao hadn't returned.

Runty looked up. There was no way they could get back.

He studied the puzzle of pipes on the building wall. It was worth a try. "But whatever you do, don't look down," he mewed.

Agile as a ballerina, Runty stepped out. A water pipe led to a ledge and the air-con below.


More dancing along pipes and ledges, and he landed. The ground felt soft and wet under his paws.

Meanwhile, Stolly was stranded two floors up in a fug of fear. "I daren't," he mewed.

Runty sniffed the spot where Mama Mao had sat.

Stolly reached to test a pipe with a claw. The pipe didn't move. And the shark below wasn't snapping its teeth. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Four. Then a long snakey kind of crawl.

One jump. Two jumps. Three jumps. Four. Stolly landed. Eyes closed.

His legs hurt. And for a terrible moment, he thought Runty had disappeared.

But then he saw a nose poking out of the hibiscus. "Let's wait here," Runty mewed.

"What for?"


"And then?" asked Stolly.

"June will find us."

"What about Mama Mao?"

"What about her?" said Runty, gnawing at a paw pad.

"Aren't we going to look for her?"

"What? In there?" Trees towered above them like giants.

"Yes," said Stolly.



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