Mira's Night at the Hong Kong Ballet

littlegirl v05balletshoes v02Hello, Mira here. The week I started school, I went to see the ballet "Don Quixote". Don Quixote and his friend are crazy old guys who make you laugh.

I dressed in my best party clothes. In the pre-performance talk, a famous Russian dancer called Nina said her daughter travels all around the world with her. I felt a bit shy but Nina said, "Come on children. Let's have a photo together." So we gathered round and said "cheese".

The curtain opened like a magical book of fairytales. The conductor waved her stick and beautiful dancers leapt into the air as light as feathers.

Children danced in a dream forest crispy and sparkly as iced cake. The story was about a boy and a girl who loved each other (yuk!) and sometimes they kissed (double yuk!) but they looked lovely dancing together.

In the break, I saw the pit. Not a pit of snakes but the pit where musicians play! Then I looked at some pointe shoes on display. "Not only princesses wear such beauties," Mama said.

At the end of the ballet I clapped so hard my hands hurt. As the curtain finally swished shut, I whispered to Papa, "Please let me come again."

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